A Complete Approach to Healing

Young Overcomers United is a not-for-profit, faith-based organization committed to helping young addicts change their lives. Founded in 1996, Y.O.U. has partnered with churches, school districts, police departments, magistrates, judges, physicians and psychologists. Collaboration with in-patient programs and detox facilities has allowed Y.O.U. to walk every step of the way with addicts embarking on its three-tiered recovery process.

Spirit, Mind, BodyWe consider giving back to be a big part of the recovery process. We encourage those who have achieved success in our recovery process to reach out and give hope to others in need. Do you have a story or words of encouragement that could help others or spur them to make a change? Join our community to be part of someone’s solution.

A Community to Help

Y.O.U. has seen hundreds of faces over the years, and many who have achieved success are now leaders within our organization, supporting those who are struggling.We concentrate on building relationships on the premise of respect and accepting that each person – and the intricacies of his or her addiction – is very different. Y.O.U. strives to create an atmosphere where young addicts are comfortable sharing and articulating their problems and recognizing that there is, in fact, a solution within reach.